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Our company was established as state institution in the year 1949 in Bucharest-Romania as initial denomination of Institute of Studies and Designing for Building Materials Industry - ISPIM.
Successive, on years, the company had more denominations as result of different reorganizations. In the period 1974-1990, denominated as ICPILA, the company became very known in our country and worldwide, being involved in powerful development of cement industry and of other building materials in Romania and abroad.
Beginning with the date of 23.11.1990 the company took actual name of CEPROCIM, operating as joint stock company, owned initially by the Romanian state in totality.
CEPROCIM was privatized in the years 1995 and 1996 by selling from state of control package to the management and employees (control owned by these also in present) and free of charge distribution to population by public offer of the rest of shares.
CIROM - Employers from cement industry and other mineral products for constructions from Romania is an autonomous organization, non-governmental, without politic character, being Romanian legal person of private right, without patrimonial scope, having non-profit character. According to its STATUTE, CIROM has as main attributions:
For additional data see the website www.cirom.ro
Holcim Romania is a member of the LafargeHolcim group. With over 180 years of combined experience, the Group resulting from the merger aims to enter a new era of leading technologies and innovations in the building materials industry, to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
The purpose of LafargeHolcim is to create value shared with the company, through four key directions of action: protecting the climate throughout the construction chain, developing innovative products and solutions for the energy efficiency of buildings, promoting a business model that conserves and optimizes natural resources. and supporting community development.
The efficient use of natural resources, one of the commitments that Holcim has made as a member of WBCSD, is an important goal of our company. Promoting the ecological efficiency of the cement manufacturing process, by conserving natural resources and capitalizing on the residual materials (waste or by-products) of other industries, is one of the ways used to implement the commitment of sustainable development assumed. The increase of the ecological efficiency of the process, carefully monitored by different performance indicators can be achieved mainly by:
More information about Holcim Romania's sustainable development strategy, you can find here.
More data about Holcim Romania are found on company website www.holcim.ro
© Ceprocim 2015
email: consilox@ceprocim.ro
HeidelbergCement Group is worldwide leader on the market of aggregates and an important player in cement, concrete range and of other connected activities, fact that position this group between the highest producers of building materials from the world.
The Group develops activities in 2.300 locations from over 40 countries, having about 45.000 employees.
At the date of 1st December 2015, the International Group HeidelbergCement had finalized the process of merging of the most important three companies owned in Romania.
Therefore, Carpatcement Holding S.A., Carpat Beton S.R.L. and Carpat Agregate S.A. became a sole company, under the name HeidelbergCement Romania S.A.
More data about HeidelbergCemenet are found on company website www.heidelbergcement.ro
ROMCIM, a CRH Company, is a leading provider of cement, aggregates, and concrete in the Romanian construction sector.
More data about ROMCIM are found on company website www.romcim.ro
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“1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia - Build your future with us!
More data about “1 Decembrie 1918” University are found on university website www.uab.ro
“Apulum” brand is the solid guarantee of quality porcelain, supported by the experience of over 50 years of existence, the brand whose credibility results from the main strengths of the company:
  • quality of raw materials;
  • modern technology;
  • staff structure;
  • the price-quality ratio perfectly adapted to the clients' requirements;
  • modern, dynamic management, receptive to changes in the internal and external business environment.
More data about “Apulum” are found on company website apulum.eu/